About Research Support Services


ITS Research Support Services (RSS) team and Arthur Lakes Library works to identify research needs across University and aims to provide over-arching services and infrastructure to further research and meet the vision set by Mines@150. We will help faculty by identifying IT solutions and help facilitate their research by providing assistance in areas such as: management, storage, and transfer of research data, evaluating cloud vs. on-premise sharing of data, project management in regards to IT solutions, etc. By providing consultation services and by acting as a liaison between faculty and ITS groups, RSS and the Library is able to efficiently provide a customized solution to fit research needs.

Empowering Scientists to Do Science

Staff and Contacts

Staff and Contacts

Matthew Ketterling
Matt is the Director for Cyberinfrastructure and Advanced Research Computing.

The term "cyberinfrastructure" was initially used by the National Science Foundation when referring to advanced and high-performance information technology equipment and systems, especially in the context of scientific and engineering research. Cyberinfrastructure is the combination of technology (computing systems, high-speed networks, data management structures, advanced instrumentation, external data repositories, remote observation systems, visualization environments and mobile devices) and associated human expertise (specialists, engineers and training personnel) which, in unison, considerably enhance research and innovation.
Email: mketterling@mines.edu
Phone: 303-273-3027

Other Staff

Additional staff from Research and Technology Transfer, CCIT, Arthur Lakes Library, and the Mines Geology Museum also participate in Research Support Services activities.


Governing Committees


There are many individuals and groups that make up RSS; in addition to CCIT staff in various groups, day-to-day collaborations include members the Library, Office of Research Administration, and Research and Technology Transfer. It is expected that this coordination will become more formal.

Research Technologies Advisory Committee (RTAC)

RTAC is comprised of representatives from CCIT and domain science research.  The purpose of RTAC is to provide guidance and support for cyberinfrastructure at Mines, and to advise Mines IT Executive Committee on current and future trends.  RTAC aims to fulfill the following goals:

  • Increase support Mines research through an increasingly robust cyberinfrastructure
  • Increase communication and awareness of existing cyberinfrastructure in support of Mines research
  • Increase utilization and leveraging of Mines cyberinfrastructure and research support services resulting in a positive impact to research efforts
  • Provide technologies and education which lead to a culture of collaboration and sharing within the Mines community


RTAC Representatives:

VPRTT representative

Lisa Kinzel

Director of HPC

Tim Kaiser

Assistant Director of Research Computing

Torey Battelle

Director of  IS

Yuri Csapo

Director of CIARC

Matt Ketterling (Chair)

Faculty Senate Representative

Tzahi Cath-CE

Department Head (1)

John Bradford-GP

Faculty Researchers (4)

Garritt Tucker-ME


Sebnem Duzgun-MN


Jeff Squier-PH


Qi Han-CS