Researcher Responsibilities

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Researcher Responsibilities


The researcher is the primary custodian and manager of research data. These duties are best described in a well-crafted data management plan.

Researcher Responsibilities

  • Develop a well-crafted Data Management Plan (DMP) that addresses data needs, data collection, management, integrity, confidentiality, retention, sharing, archiving and preservation
  • Use an orderly system of data organization and communicate the chosen system to all members of a research group and to the appropriate administrative personnel
  • Enact a robust backup plan to ensure data are not lost or destroyed
  • Provide metadata descriptions for discovery of the data
  • Deposit data to
    • an appropriate domain-specific subject repository
    • School repository
    • School computer servers
    • cloud services (if deemed appropriate and approved as part of the DMP)
    • another institution's computer servers (if deemed appropriate and approved as part of the DMP)
  • Make the data available for access and re-use where appropriate and under appropriate safeguards based on parameters of the sponsor and Mines
  • Determine how long the data should be available
  • Do not hand over exclusive rights to reuse or publish research data to commercial publishers or agents without retaining the rights to make the data openly available for re-use, unless this is a condition of funding
  • See Table of Responsibilities Timeline

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