Data Management Plan


DMP Templates and Resources

National Science Foundation

  • Template - NSF DMP template
  • Checklist - NSF requirements checklist for DMP evaluation (suitable to use for most DMPs)

Department of Energy


  • *DMP requirement vary depending on solicitation.  In most cases, follow the NSF guidelines
  • Template - NASA DMP guidance


DMP Tool

With increased emphesis on Data Management Plans (DMP) and the ever-changing requirements, we have partnered with DMPTool.  DMPtool is an online DMP management tool that will allow you to create, store, reuse, and share your DMPs.  Additionally, up-to-date templates and other resources are availible for many sponsors.  DMPTool is customized by CSM and access is granted using single-signon.

Link to DMPTool video


Example Data Management Plans:

Many Sample Plans

Longitiudinal Studies, Survey Data, Statistical Analysis


Curriculum Development

Model Output (large dataset)

PI's Working Indepedently


Question to ask yourself about the project: 

Managing data before research begins and throughout its lifecycle is helpful in ensuring its usability and long-term preservation and access. This checklist is intended to help you plan, evaluate data needs and develop a strong Data Management Plan. Not all questions will apply to every project.

  • What types of data will be produced? Will they be reproducible? What would happen if they were lost or became unusable later?
  • How much data will there be and at what growth rate? How often will the data change?
  • Who will use your data now, and later?
  • Who in your research group controls the data (PI, student, lab, Mines, funder)?
  • How long will the data be active?
  • What directory and file naming convention will be used?
  • What project and data identifiers will be assigned?
  • What file formats are to be used? Are they long-lived?
  • What is your data storage and backup strategy?
  • When will you publish the data (research) and where?
  • Who might be interested in your data in the future? Who will you share it with?
  • Who in your research group will be responsible for data management and archiving?
  • Have you identified a repository or archive in which to deposit your data?
  • Is there an ontology or other community standard for data sharing/integration?
  • How will you prepare the data (if necessary) for archiving?
  • Are there good project and data documentation?
  • How long should the data be retained ot archived (e.g. 3-5 years, 10-20 years, permanently)?
  • Are there tools or software needed to create/process/visualize the data?
  • Are there special privacy or security requirements (e.g. personal data, high-security data)?
  • Are there sharing requirements (e.g. funder data sharing policy)?
  • Are there other funder requirements (e.g. data management plan in proposal)?
  • Are there regulations, copyright, or other licensing concerns related to sharing the data?
  • Do the data need to be restricted or embargoed for intellectual property reasons?
  • Are there any reasons to not allow re-use?