Access / Restrictions


Controlling Access

Retrieval and access procedures for restricted data are based on the data archive and the individuals deemed responsible for providing access. Retrieval and access to both restricted and unrestricted research data should be aligned with funder/sponsor requirements and based on the Data Management Plan. Controlling access can then be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as password protection or encryption, or through a system of permissions authorizations involving one or more Gatekeepers. Note that the researcher’s ideal choice of permission restrictions may conflict with the rules of a given repository. If data are restricted, one or more individuals responsible for authorization will need to be specified as the Gatekeeper, whose role it is to control access. Gatekeepers can be the Research Support Services group, the PI, an Office of Research Administration employee, a data center’s archivist, or whoever is thus designated in the Data Management Plan. If a permission authorization system is to be used, specific requirements and guidelines for evaluating the request and providing access need to be specified.